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Loving Lecter Archive

Challenge Section...

Being a collection of tales inspired by monthly contests suggested by staff and visitors.

As such, these works are eclectic and cover a broad spectrum of styles and concepts.

Read the Challenge FAQ

Loving Lecter Archive - Closer, Please


Challenge Title: ABC
Submitted by: Hannah, April/May 2004
Write a short fic where each paragraph begins with a different letter of the alphabet, starting with 'A' and working your way to 'Z' to finish up.

For example...

As Lecter moved into the room, Clarice Starling jerked her head up in surprise.

"Bugger! You scared me, Hannibal. When did you get back?"

"Clarice." He chuckled. "Feeling a bit jumpy, My Dear?"

If you need more than 26 paragraphs, you can cycle back through the alphabet again until you finish. You need not complete the entire alphabet a second or third time, but you must reach 'Z' at least on the first pass.


A Dark Adapted Eye   submitted by  EGL

The Fine Art of Persuasion   submitted by  MelanieAnne

Killing Time   submitted by  Iron & Silver

Lover's Quarrel   submitted by  DianaLecter

Together   submitted by  The FantaC



Challenge Title: Reach Out and Touch Someone
Submitted by: Hannah, October thru December 2003
Criteria: Here's your jumping off point...

A note is left on a car windshield.

Any length you like, using any of Harris's characters that you wish.


Shifting the Blame   submitted by  Clariz

Weekend Vacation   submitted by  AA Aaron



Challenge Title: In the Stars
Submitted by: Hannah, September 2003
Criteria: Here's your jumping off point...

Today's Horoscope ~ Unwanted information comes to you through a surprising channel.

Short fic - or drabble, if you like - using Harris's characters.


Drabble Collection   submitted by  MelanieAnne

Hallucination   submitted by  ButcherPaper

Horrorscope   submitted by  AA Aaron

Seek and You Shall Find   submitted by  Hannah

Today's Horoscope   submitted by  The Great Red Dragon aka Mel



Challenge Title: Every Vermeer
Submitted by: Hannah, August 2003
Criteria: Write a drabble with Barney as the focus.
For anyone not familiar with the form, a drabble is exactly 100 words.


Birds   submitted by  Deoceres

Every Vermeer   submitted by  AA Aaron

Genuine Lecter   submitted by  Kurt GW

Lessons   submitted by  Cynical Philosopher

Two Old Friends   submitted by  Clariz



Challenge Title: The Stool Pit
Submitted by: Hannah, July 2003
Criteria: Write a drabble with Mischa as the focus.
For anyone not familiar with the form, a drabble is exactly 100 words.


Before the Storm   submitted by  Lecterlicious

Change   submitted by  Steel

Decisions Made   submitted by  Deoceres

Family   submitted by  TalismanicalOne

First Course   submitted by  Hannah

A Prime Place   submitted by  The Great Red Dragon aka Mel

Retaliation   submitted by  AA Aaron



Challenge Title: An Old Friend For Dinner
Submitted by: Hannah, May/June 2003
Criteria: Write a scene involving Dr. Lecter and Chilton after the escape from Memphis. It can be an encounter - either planned or accidental, correspondance to Chilton from Lecter announcing his intentions, or a murder scene. You may choose your length, but remember it must be finished by the end of June to be included in the challenges posted to the site.


Dr. Lecter & Mr. Hide   submitted by  AA Aaron

Farewell Freddy   submitted by  Hannah

Getaway   submitted by  Lecterlicious

Holiday On Ice   submitted by  Drandmrslecter

Revenge   submitted by  Deoceres

Toreador   submitted by  Dr. Peter

Unabridged Audio of Silence   submitted by  Clariz



Challenge Title: One on One
Submitted by: Hannah, April 2003
Criteria: Write a short - i.e. drabble, flash, or single chapter - fic that is entirely dialogue between two characters. The tone of the piece can be serious or humorous, and which characters you choose are up to you, but any exposition is a no-no. Dialogue only!


Collaboration   submitted by  Clariz

Eulogy   submitted by  Hannah

Fair Game   submitted by  Lecterlicious

Flames   submitted by  Natasha Von Lecter

Hannibal Meets Hercule   submitted by  AA Aaron

It's Party Time   submitted by  Drandmrslecter

Just Like Old Times   submitted by  Lecterlicious

Rock My World   submitted by  Bella Fierenze

Soul Food   submitted by  TalismanicalOne

Sympathy   submitted by  Screaming Lamb

Welcome to Hell   submitted by  Deoceres



Challenge Title: The Golden Age of Television
Submitted by: Hannah, March 2003
Criteria: Take a television theme song ~ e.g. The Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, Green Acres... ~ any theme song that strikes your fancy, and turn it into a Lecteresque ditty. When you submit your entry, please be sure to specify which theme we should be humming in our heads as we read your piece.


Brains   submitted by  Deoceres

Doctor Lecter   submitted by  DoktorFell

Doctor Lecter, Mass Murderer   submitted by  Lecterlicious

Dr. Lec   submitted by  Lecterlicious

Dolarhyde's Island    submitted by  Hannah

Down at Quantico   submitted by  Kurt

Harpy Man   submitted by  Bella Fierenze

Hannibal & Starling   submitted by  Clariz

Hong Kong Phooey   submitted by  Deoceres

Jack Crawford's Show   submitted by  Hannah

A Lecter Auld Lang Syne   submitted by  AA Aaron

The Lecter Family   submitted by  Dr. Peter

Lecter's Neighborhood   submitted by  TalismanicalOne

Lecterly Hill-Billys   submitted by  Drandmrslecter

More Fun Out of Life   submitted by  DianaLecter

MTM   submitted by  Steel

Three's Company   submitted by  Screaming Lamb

Untitled   submitted by  Lecterlicious



Challenge Title: Poetry Challenge
Submitted by: Hannah, January/February 2003
Criteria: In addition to our fiction challenges for January & February 2003,
we also had a couple of specific poetry challenges.


Lecteresque Haiku    inspired by  Dr. Peter

Lecteresque Limericks   suggested by  AA Aaron



Challenge Title: What's Love Got to Do With It?
Submitted by: Hannah, February 2003
Criteria: Our theme is Lecteresque romance, in honor of Valentine's Day.
By Lecteresque romance I mean precisely a show of affection in keeping with the Doctor's sense of whimsy without heartfelt declarations of love, proposals of marriage, pregnancy, vriginity, puppies and kittens, hearts and rainbows, etc. The Doctor seems to have a fondness for flowers and jewelry, so we'll leave them on the table, the exception being an engagement ring -- that would be a no-no. In short, we want nothing cute, sweet, or otherwise precious.

expressions of intimacy or connection in keeping with the sensibilities of a sadistic serial killer are what we're looking for. Adult content is perfectly acceptable, but try to keep it on the edgy side.

Your entry should take the form of a one-part fic of short to moderate length. Drabble or flash is also acceptable.


Contentment    submitted by  DoktorFell

Dinner Catch    submitted by  Clariz

Faint of Heart   submitted by  Steel

Free Range Rude   submitted by  Drandmrslecter & Dr. Peter

Passions   submitted by  Emily Lecter

Untitled    submitted by  The Great Red Dragon aka Mel



Challenge Title: Split Personality
Submitted by: Lecterlicious, January 2003
Criteria: An encounter between a Thomas Harris character and their real-life counterpart... e.g. a meeting of Jodie Foster and Clarice Starling or Ralph Fiennes and Frances Dolarhyde. If you wish, you may have it occur following from a scene in the book or film, but this is not a requirement.

Your piece can take any form you choose... fic, drabble, poem, etc.


Baby Got Back   submitted by  Drandmrslecter

Casting Clarice   submitted by  AA Aaron

Chapter 101 1/2   submitted by  ClariceMLecter

Dinner For Two   submitted by  Steel

Glimpse of Fate   submitted by  Lecterlicious

Life Imitating Art   submitted by  Lecterlicious

Miggs Out, Rude In   submitted by  Screaming Lamb

Quid Pro Quo   submitted by  Clariz

Self Improvement   submitted by  Hannah

The Six Faces of Clarice   submitted by  Bella Firenze

Three's A Crowd ~ Haiku   submitted by  Dr. Peter



Challenge Title: Word Play
Submitted by: Mel a.k.a. the Great Red Dragon, December 2002
Criteria: You must write a story (drabble or epic, no matter, just no one-liners lol)
including the words:

Clarice for the very last time
This the kind of thing you were thinking of?


Clarice, For the Very Last Time   submitted by  The Great Red Dragon aka Mel

Clarice, For the Very Last Time   submitted by  DarkShadow

Ghost of Christmas Past   submitted by  DoktorFell

The Gift   submitted by  Hannah

Hong Kong   submitted by  Clariz

The Housekeeper   submitted by  drsgirl

The Land of Fruits and Nuts   submitted by  Drandmrslecter

Language Barrier   submitted by  Screaming Lamb

Letters to Santa   submitted by  Emily Lecter

Pillow Talk   submitted by  MelanieAnne

Rude-olph the Red-Nosed Reindeer   submitted by  Lecterlicious

Say It Ain't So   submitted by  AA Aaron

Seven Year Ache   submitted by  Bella Firenze

Silent Nights   submitted by  Lady of Truths

Slash and Burn   submitted by  Nyx Fixx

South of the Border   submitted by  DoktorFell

Turning the Tables   submitted by  Steel

What's In a Name?   submitted by  TalismanicalOne

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda   submitted by  Dr. Peter



Challenge Title: The Tooth Fairy
Submitted by: Hannah, November 2002
Criteria: Write a drabble - exactly 100 words - with
Frances Dolarhyde from Red Dragon as your focus.


Avid Fan   submitted by   Lecterlicious

Conflict   submitted by  Steel

Counting Sheep   submitted by  Dr. Peter

Fate   submitted by  Hannah

In Flames   submitted by  DoktorFell

Les MiseDrabbles   submitted by  AA Aaron

Revelation   submitted by  Cynical Philosopher

Signatures   submitted by  Screaming Lamb

Untitled   submitted by  The Great Red Dragon aka Mel

Untitled   submitted by  Cyranothe2nd



Challenge Title: Once Upon a Time...
Submitted by: Ruth, July 2001
Criteria: Rewrite a classic fairy tale using characters from
Thomas Harris's Hannibal Lecter trilogy.


Clarice & the Beanstalk   submitted by   TheRestofMe

Cansel and Hetel   submitted by  Drandmrslecter

The Frog Cannibal   submitted by  indreams

Lecter-stiltskin   submitted by  Hannah

Once Upon a Time   submitted by  Diana Lecter

Puss In Boots   submitted by  Nyx Fixx

Starling-Ella   submitted by  Keda



Challenge Title: "That's Entertainment"
Submitted by: bloodandivory, April 2001
Criteria: Choose a famous scene from a film... it may be
any genre, but please pick one that can be
recognized by one well-known line Rewrite it
using characters from the Lecter Trilogy.
Any characters are acceptable.
Story may be any length, but should mirror the
film it is based on.


Don't Dream It, Be It   submitted by   Diana Lecter

Gone With the Lambs   submitted by  Hannah

In The Absence of Faith   submitted by  Ruth

Magnolia   submitted by  TheRestofMe

Remains of the Lamb   submitted by  Clevergirl

Special Agent Bride   submitted by  Glimmerdark

When Hannibal Met Clarice   submitted by  China Mail

Wizard of Flaws   submitted by   Nyx Fixx



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