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Unabridged Audio of Silence

copyright 2003, by Clariz

Disclaimer:    These characters were created by Thomas Harris.  They are used herein without permission, but in the spirit of admiration and respect.  No infringement of copyright is intended, and no profit, of any kind, is made by the creator, maintainer or contributors to this site.

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Dr Chilton woke up on a nice terrace in a beachfront house in Grand Cayman Island.
He was strapped to a chair, yards and yards of tape bounding his body legs and arms to the chair

Terror invaded him and he thought of Lecter. His eyes run over his body, to account for its parts. He appeared to be unharmed, his vision was good, he could account for both his hands, however tied, and his legs and feet. His body didn’t hurt.
His mouth felt numb, as it does when leaving the dentist office. He clicked his teeth, they were obviously all there. His mouth felt numb though.

He was not about to call out. He didn’t want to rush anything.
How did Lecter catch him, anyway?…He remember receiving a note from Dr Allen Bloom, inviting him to join him for dinner at his beachfront house. He had always wanted to meet Dr Bloom. At the time he wondered if this could mean he was finally going to get professional recognition?
He drove his rented car there…..Then nothing. He remembered nothing.

He was thirsty.
He didn’t want to call. If he did, he feared Hannibal Lecter would respond. Not a pleasant thought.


Hannibal Lecter was preparing dinner. A nice piece of meat was braising in a lovely All Clad petite braiser. The smell was terrific. He congratulated himself on his excellent choice of seasonings. The final result will be delicious, he was sure. He truly hoped Dr Chilton would appreciate it.
He opened a bottle of Chateau d’Yquem and poured two glasses.

“Good evening Freddy,” he greeted politely, entering the room.
Dr Chilton opened his mouth as if to answer but though better and closed it again. He didn’t attempt to say a word. His mouth felt numb anyway.

He approached Dr Chilton and stood in front of him.
“I hope you enjoy my hospitality, during the few days you will be staying here.
I will help you eat, and drink and will be happy to help you with you dignity pants….Remember the dignity pants, Freddy?,” he smiled a chilling smile…. “I certainly do, I loathed them. But it was preferable to the alternative….” He laughed. Dr. Chilton shuddered.

Chilton took a sip of wine from the glass that Dr Lecter offered him.
Curiously he couldn’t taste much, he wondered if it was the result of the chloroform Lecter had used to capture him. His mouth felt….well…empty. Empty and numb. He had a slight difficulty swallowing the wine.

“I hope you enjoy the wine, Freddy”, said an affable Dr Lecter, always the gracious host. “I would have offered you a straw, but you might have difficulty handling it in account of the anesthesia”
Dr. Chilton had determined to give him the silence treatment, such as the one he had received from Dr. Lecter all those years at the dungeon.

“Okey Docky,” said an unshakable Hannibal Lecter. “Lets prepare for the main dish.”

He left the room and came back the All-Clad petite braiser and a huge serving plater with fluffy mashed potatoes and one end and roasted vegetables at the other.
He set the whole paraphernalia on the table, beside Dr. Chilton.
Removing the main course from the Casserole, he started to slice the meat. Nice thick diagonal slices. The meat seemed to slice like butter and offered no resistance to the knife.
Dr Chilton eyes widened and he started to thrash on the chair while he attempted to yell. All he was able to produce was a grunt.

“Let me recite the menu for your.” Said an unshakable Dr. Lecter. “Today we’ll have braised tongue in a wine sauce with Mediterranean vegetables and mashed potatoes.”
“Tomorrow, after a small procedure, I’ll secure us some “cheeks”, you know, the meat below the eyes? Very desirable from large mammals and fish. The day after tomorrow, we shall see.”

He cut the meat in small pieces and, forcibly opening Chilton’s mouth, started to feed him.
Chilton, unable to scream, proceeded to make some unearthly noises, as, with Dr. Lecter’s help, he was fed his own tongue.
Dr. Lecter felt curiously at peace, as he continued to feed Chilton, alternating the meat with the potatoes and veggies.


copyright 2003, by Clariz

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No infringement of rights is intended and no profit, of any kind, is made.