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Hong Kong

copyright 2002, by Clariz

Disclaimer:    These characters were created by Thomas Harris.  They are used herein without permission, but in the spirit of admiration and respect.  No infringement of copyright is intended, and no profit, of any kind, is made by the creator, maintainer or contributors to this site.

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China Airlines flight 11 from JFK to Hong Kong via Taipei had been airborne for a good two hours when Dr. Lecter opened his meal box from Dean and Deluca. Before he could start eating, the little boy sitting across the aisle engaged him in a conversation regarding the contents of the lunch box.

At first Dr Lector was polite but reluctant. Then, charmed by the youngsterís adventurous nature and inquisitiveness, he encouraged the boyís interest with kind responses, which lead, ultimately, to sharing his meal.

Clarice Starling, sitting at the Drís right, was following the exchange with interest. Like many other times, during the few month since the night at the Chesapeake, she was fascinated by the many facets of the personality of this man, labeled monster by some and insane by others. She was deeply touched.

After the little boy returned to his seat, Clarice commented, " You have a wonderful way with children, Hannibal."

He chuckled, " It's always a pleasure to chat with an intelligent, well mannered youngster, but my patience might run thin with a brat."

"I donít doubt that," responded Clarice with a knowing smile, and added, " Would you like some of my meal? Iím not very hungry."

"Iíve noticed that," he replied, a mischievous gleam in his eyes. " No, thanks Clarice, I do prefer to eat light while on a journey."

She had picked up the boxes herself that morning at Dean and Deluca. It wouldnít have been a good idea to attract attention to themselves by having them delivered to the airport.

It was going to be a long flight, and she couldnít wait to arrive in Hong Kong. After a short stay in the orient, to surgically repair his shoulder they were scheduled to leave for Buenos Aires where they would set up permanent residence.

In more ways than one this was the beginning of a new, wonderful life; and Clarice, for the last time, pondered on the futility of her efforts at the FBI, and promised herself to put that chapter of her life behind her forever.

She closed her own lunch box, and after asking Dr. Lecter if he was ready to discard his own as well, pressed the flight attendant call button and waited for the boxes to be removed.

When the flight attendant left with the boxes, she reached for his hand, and reassured by the contact leaned her head back and tried to think. She knew only too well that Hannibal Lecter left nothing to chance, and wondered if the announcement she was planning to make during their fist dinner in Hong Kong would surprise him.

The monster seemed to feel her internal turmoil and turned to her as much as he could, considering the restrictions imposed by his dislocated shoulder and the narrowness of the coach seat. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed her fingers gently.


The famous Felix restaurant , on the top two floors of the Peninsula Hotel in Honk Kong, offers the most incredible view of the stunning Victoria Harbour. Here is where we find Dr Lecter and Clarice the night after their arrival to Hong Kong.

Clarice, is radiant on a sage color dress, and Dr. Lecter , with his arm on a sling, looks happy and relaxed in black tie. They are enjoying the view of the Harbour when Clarice, turns to face Dr. Lecter and, holding his right hand, announces in a whisper...

"We are going to have a baby."

She holds her breath, and waits for his reaction.

"I have been eagerly waiting for you to make the announcement, Clarice."

He smiles at her tenderly, there is a little sadness in his smile.

"Tell me, Clarice, does it frighten you, that our child will have the genes of a monster?"

She was prepared for this, and stares at him firmly

"No. In fact,. I donít know any monsters. I do know, however, a number of people who have commited monstrous acts, but no monsters." She grins and adds, "Our children, Doctor, will have exactly the genes they are supposed to have. Yours and mine."

As he raises her hand to his lips she can see his eyes are bright with tears.

"Thatís my girl."


copyright 2002, by Clariz

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