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Loving Lecter Archive

Challenge Section...

Being a collection of tales inspired by monthly contests suggested by staff and visitors.

As such, these works are eclectic and cover a broad spectrum of styles and concepts.

Loving Lecter Archive - Closer, Please

Challenge FAQ:

How does this work?

Loving Lecter will create a challenge or choose from challenges submitted by visitors and post the
criteria in our forum ~  Dr. Lecter's Basement. We will then review all submissions received at the
end of the specified challenge period and collect them here as promptly as is feasible.

How do I submit a challenge fic?

Write your story using the current Challenge criteria.
Post it to our forum in Dr. Lecter's Basement ~ Anyone with an EZBoard ID can post
to the forum, and will be registered as a forum member with your first post.
If you do not have an EZBoard membership, you can register at the EZBoard homepage.
Please post in the section headed 'See if you can apply yourself to our Challenge'
and be certain that you identify it as a challenge entry in the post header.

Will my challenge story definitely be archived?

Yes.  All Challenge submissions will be archived in this section, though only a select few
will be cross-referenced elsewhere in the archive.

How do I submit a challenge for consideration?

You are encouraged to post them in the Challenge section in Dr. Lecter's Basement, but
you may also mail to: Challenge Suggestions
Please include your handle as you wish to be credited and all criteria for the challenge.

What sort of criteria should I list?  

You may ask writers to use certain characters in a specific scene, or impose a specific set of circumstances. "What if" scenarios are also welcome, as are requests for drabble or flash fiction.
Use your imagination.  And be sure to thrill us with your acumen.

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