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copyright 2003, by SweetKitten514

Disclaimer:    CSI and it's characters were created by Anthony E. Zuiker.  They are used herein without permission, but in the spirit of admiration and respect.  No infringement of copyright is intended, and no profit, of any kind, is made by the creator, maintainer or contributors to this site.

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"I want you to think about something before we begin, Gil," she said, evoking a puzzled look from her companion. "Why are you here, with me, now?" As she expected, he did not offer an immediate answer, but looked at some point only he could see in the space just over her head. She waited, not moving, for the answer. He lowered his eyes to meet hers again before he spoke.

"I admire your perceptiveness. I am intrigued by your work. You understand and are comfortable with yourself in a way few people ever are." he replied. She smiled, but remained silent, knowing he had not yet completed his answer. "I am drawn to a beautiful, intelligent and confident women," he added , with a small smile and a slightly less serious tone.

"Thank you, and I could say similar things about you. Most people outside of this world cannot, or will not, take the time to see it for what it truly is. You are a rare exception. You know it is not about pain, or exploitation, or sublimation of the sinister. It is about the sensuality of power, the integration of the primal with the ethereal." As she spoke, she ran her hands down the front of his dark shirt, opening each button with deliberate care. His hands rested on her shoulders and did not move to her face until she was silent, opening the last button and awaiting his response.

This time, the reply was in the form of a kiss. He moved his hands through her glossy dark hair to cradle her head while he kissed her, long, deep and insistent. Her hands slid under the open shirt and her palms ran over the smooth skin of his chest and then his back as her arms encircled him. When the kiss ended, he guided her head to rest on his chest while they both took a few slightly shaky breaths. She lowered her hands to quickly pull the bottom of the shirt out of his pants, and glanced up with the hint of a question in her eyes. Before she could verbalize it, he replied "I will not say `stop'." She smiled and unbuttoned the cuffs of the shirt before slipping it off his shoulders and turning away briefly to drape it over the seat of the vanity.

When she turned to face him again, he set about the task of releasing her upper body from the rigid black velvet corset in which it was encased. The laces were in the back, but he knew that the hooks and eyes, concealed under a satin flap in the front were the key to her bodily freedom. She stood still and silent, enjoying the look of rapt attention on her companion's face as he worked his way down the row of heavy steel fasteners. She did not move until the final one was released, and her full breasts were available to his smooth hands and warm lips .

"Yes, please" she murmured, as he simultaneously cupped her breasts in his hands and lowered his head to kiss the narrow space between them. Her hands moved from her sides to glide up his biceps, across his shoulders and come to rest on the back of his head, with the finger tips hidden in the soft curls of his silver hair.

His tongue made a warm, wet trail up the side of one firm white mound, stopping at the summit to encircle the hard, pink nipple before pulling it into his mouth with enough suction and flicks of his tongue to make Heather gasp in pleasure and pull his head still closer. The pressure of his mouth on her distended nipple increased, while his hands curled around the firm flesh they held, squeezing harder as her response intensified. His thumb and index finger moved up to capture the free nipple firmly between them, and roll it in time with the oral stimulation being given to its twin.

He could feel the soft vibration of her low moans through his lips just before they traveled to the other nipple to provide it with the same treatment. One hand maintained contact with the breast he was savoring, but the other moved lower, then around her waist to the back of her skirt's waistband. A moment later, the skirt covered her elegant high heeled shoes, leaving her in only stockings, a black lace garter belt and matching Felina thong.

As much as he was enjoying the taste and feel of her, he had to raise his head then, in order to see the sight of sensual perfection that was before him. Heather had moved her hands back to his upper arms, and was exerting a slight upwards pressure, encouraging him to rise from his act of possession with her breasts. He took a step back, his hands now resting on the sides of her hips and his eyes turned a darker shade of blue as they traveled the length of her almost-nude body.

Lady Heather was the farthest thing from an inexperienced girl, but something in the quality of his gaze, completely focused and overtly sexual, made her want to give him the power, give him the aspect of herself she valued above all others. She had been the beautiful and self-controlled Dominant for over ten years now. Tonight, she wanted something else. She wanted the freedom of not being the one in control, of not guiding a novice, or going down the demanding path of domination for the gratification of another. As Grissom's eyes rose to meet hers again, she knew exactly what she wanted tonight, and she knew, beyond any doubt, that he would provide it.



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copyright 2003, by SweetKitten514

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